Ask a lot of people what they think the most important factor is when deciding on a
property to buy and you may be hard-pressed to find a conclusive answer. Some people will
say it is all about the location on the map, while others will say it’s about the proximity to
the CBD. Some will say it’s about the look and feel of the building and how much it feels like
a “home” to you, while still others will claim it only comes down to the bottom line: how
much is it going to cost you?
While these may all be important factors, this notion of “location, location, location,” may
have more merit than we give it credit for. And no, not a physical location, but rather,
A community is the idea that we are part of something bigger. It is the condition of sharing or
having certain attitudes and interests in common with people, such that you can interact
and develop relationships around these common characteristics. In buying a property, you
are establishing yourself as part of something bigger – and you don’t want to just settle.
Developing this sense of community is at the heart of our desire to be accepted and valued.
When it comes to property, that translates to being part of a neighborhood where you can
forge strong relationships with neighbors, having mutual interests that allow you to spend
time together, share struggles and hardships, and above all else, boost your happiness and
life satisfaction. Those neighbors may live in the next house, or in the next room, but the
goal remains the same: develop a community.
And that community also goes a long way when it comes to you entering in as a prospective
buyer – in other words, when you are looking to become part of a community. When you
visit a new property, you can get a sense fairly quickly of what type of community you are in,
and it will have a huge impact on your purchasing decision. After all, buying property is
often your first step in the quest for a specific lifestyle and that community aspect is crucial
in dictating the success (or not) of the lifestyle you are seeking to create.
As you pursue your quest to purchase your new property, don’t get lured into a purchase
simply because the property is physically desirable. While that plays a significant part in
purchasing a home, counting your place in something bigger, as a member of a community,
is also a valuable component of the equation.


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