Living in a Toronto condo may not have been your first choice, but it was one you made knowing that condos are an affordable alternative to single-family housing in Toronto and that there are definitely some perks. But, one of the perks you may not be in love with could be having very close neighbours. Here’s how to handle your condo neighbours and have an enjoyable living experience.

  1. Get to know them

Whether you’ve just moved in or lived there for years, getting to know your neighbours is the first step in having an enjoyable living experience. When you feel like you are somewhat of a friend, you are more apt to respect the space of your neighbour and that includes keeping down the noise. Not just that, you can then lean on them if you need something, like someone to feed your cat or pick up your mail in a pinch.

  1. Let them know politely if something is bothering you

Noise is the number one complaint of condo dwellers and if your neighbours are too loud, they may not even know it. Next time you see them, make a note to take about the noise level in passing. You could say something like “wow, you sure are an early riser” or “those late night parties really sound festive”. Hopefully your neighbour gets the picture. If not, be more direct.

  1. Don’t get too friendly

While you want to get to know your neighbours, getting too cozy can have its ramifications as well. Remember that this building is your home and if you end up having a disagreement with one of your neighbours, you still basically have to live with them (it’s their home too!).

  1. Organize community events

If you feel like you don’t know your neighbours or that they don’t care about issues in the building or community, organize some events to get them caring. If your neighbours leave their garbage in the wrong spot or let in strangers at the building’s entrance, have a meeting about it, not singling anyone out to talk about the issues and find solutions for them.


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