The King Street Transit Pilot project continues to grow and develop and has a new addition: interactive installations.

Created as a way to boost foot traffic on King Street and increase interest and sales for local businesses. It is making it easier to navigate public transit and pedestrian activity on the street. Initiated in November 2017, the most recent project comes from students at Ryerson University who have partnered with ShapeLab and the City of Toronto to generate these installations for the public.

The selected installations were chosen through a competition between fourteen contending teams who were tasked with creating an interactive addition to the street that met the criteria of accessibility, feasibility, and creativity.   The winners received $1000 in prize money as well as up to $4000 in funding for their prototype.

This was the second competition held as part of the project. The Everyone is King design competition was held earlier in the year where contestants also competed to be selected to create public installations and included destination parklets.

The newest displays are intended to enhance citizen engagement and encourage more visitors to the car-free section of the city. The winners were the Caravanserais, a wooden car, parked along the street near St. James Park, Parcade which is an interactive wooden video arcade and Imprint and Resonance a colourful grid with handprints located at David Pecaut Square.

From encouraging public interaction and activity on the street to encouraging student creativity and bolstering the collaboration between the city and its people, there is much to be celebrated about this latest installation and the King Street Transit project as a whole.


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