It is no surprise that for individuals reaching their senior years, the thought of moving into a nursing home is undesirable and even scary. For many years this has been the normal housing progression, this may no longer necessarily be the only the option. In Japan where 40% if the population lives along, architects have reconsidered homes for communal living.

Introducing senior co-housing. The living alternative for retired and aging individuals. This which involves living in a community surrounded by friends and sharing things such as a garden, fitness center, dining area, and a TV room. The set-up allows seniors to still maintain their own sense of community and independent living while being surrounded by supportive individuals and always having people around to keep an eye on each other’s health and safety.

Living in a nursing home can be expensive. I can also lead to emotional and mental stress for the aging population. In many cases, they feel lonely and they often like they have lost any sense of autonomy and privacy. Senior co-housing helps eliminate these downsides, while simultaneously ensuring the residents have enhanced levels of safety, collaborative care from each other, and a sense of acceptance and belonging.

For family members moving a loved one into a nursing home or a retirement village, is often met with a great deal of heartache and guilt. They make the move knowing that their loved one will be likely to experience these unfortunate feelings of loss of independence or be placed far from what they are used to. Taking this alternative senior co-housing option helps eliminate those issues.

Finally, as many researchers and geriatric specialists have indicated, the housing issues related to cost and availability that are expected to worsen in the coming years will impact seniors. They, like millennials or those trying to get into the market, also cannot often afford high living costs. Co-housing presents an additional means of helping reduce this burden on family, friends, and society.




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