Toronto has over 250 kilometres of laneways. You’d barely notice them if you weren’t looking. Despite this fact, they make up a core part of the city’s culture. Laneway names have sprouted from a variety of areas including Peperonata Lane, named after a famous Italian dish.

Some prominent Toronto residents are about to live on forever in the laneways of Little Italy. The laneways in question are all located between Grace, Hubbard, Bathurst, and College Street.

In late February, The Palmerston Area Residents Association submitted an initiative to the Toronto East York Council to approve the name change of eight laneways in the area. This past Thursday the council approved the name changes. The association has stated they will request three more after the original eight are complete.  

The families receiving the naming rights all have some historical significance in the area. In fact, a few of the names are already remembered in various businesses in the neighbourhood. Here is a list of some of the well-known that will forever be a part of Toronto’s history.

Alan Borovoy Lane – Lawyer and Human Rights Activist.

Beatrice Minden Lane – Teacher a Clinton Street School.

Joe Bertucci Lane – Described as a “neighbourhood character”.

Huggins Family Lane – One of the first black families in the neighbourhood for many years.

Morley Safer Lane – TV Journalist.

Some of the others that are up for renaming have not had their final names submitted to the Council. This move by the Association solidifies the strong sense of community in Little Italy.


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