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You’ll find that the process of buying a pre-construction condo is quite a learning experience. Clients often tell me that it’s exciting and sometimes nerve-wracking. My goal is to help you become familiar with every step of the process. I’ve purchased pre-construction myself, so you can trust me to act as your guide. I know how to offer you the earliest opportunities for properties at the lowest prices.

Many pre-construction clients are first time buyers. Young buyers find it to be a financially manageable way to get into the market. Plus, there’s just something special about being the first owner, when everything is fresh and new.

If you’re considering a pre-construction condo, I want to draw your attention to these questions that you should be considering, before moving forward with buying a pre-construction condo: and if you don’t know have all the answers, that’s ok. It’s my job to help you figure out:


How much experience do they have building what they’re selling you? How are their property values holding up after the sale? How is their after-sales customer service?


Do you know what can be negotiated? Is there a cap on builder development charges? What are the assignment fees?


It is near a service entrance for noisy truck deliveries? Are you too close to the elevators and garbage disposal?


I don’t believe in walking away once you’ve been introduced to the builders. That’s not where my job ends. I make sure you select the best suites and I go to the pre-delivery inspections with you once they’ve been built.

I’ve been there, and I know how meaningful this entire process is for you. So if you have questions about anything, feel free to come talk to me.

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