How I Can Help With Relocating to Toronto

For many business people located in various regions of Canada, there will come a time when you are transferred to Toronto to continue your career. Whether it’s a big promotion, a new office opening, specialized training, or another reason, you’ll have a lot to think about and a lot to accomplish in a relatively short period of time.

Welcome to your new home.

If you’re like most people moving to Toronto for work relocation, you have limited knowledge of the neighbourhoods, local schools, professional services and other crucial elements that are required for a smooth transition.

Luckily, I have the experience and resources to help with your move, and a proven track record when it comes to finding the ideal place to live in the best part of the city to meet your needs.

Important Points to Consider

Regardless of your precise situation, there will be a multitude of things to consider and tasks to get done before you move to Toronto. Some of the things you need to keep in mind include:

  • Finding a reliable mover
  • Selling or renting your current property
  • Packing your belongings
  • Getting dental and medical records for you and your family
  • Transferring or canceling memberships
  • Arranging for utilities to be shut off or transferred
  • Changing your address on all identification documents
  • Obtaining the necessary insurance for your move
  • Getting your banking information in order
  • Obtaining an Ontario driver’s license and health card
  • Finding a school for your kids
  • Arranging for pets to be moved
  • And more…


The list is a long one, and it’s often the minutest details of a move that get swept under
the rug and forgotten. If you are relocating to Toronto from the US or another country,
then the list of things to do will be even more extensive.

Finding a Place to Live

Of course, finding a suitable place to live is of primary importance, and is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Depending on the details of your relocation, you may be looking for short-term rentals, corporate rentals, a full-term lease or even a purchase.

You also want to be in a safe area of the city that is close to your workplace and to local schools so you can spend as little time commuting as possible.

A Hands-On Approach

From the time you learn that you’re being transferred to Toronto to the day you arrive, the most important thing you need, and the thing most people don’t have, is a dependable specialist to help with each part of the process. I make a point of taking a hands-on approach with clients relocating to Toronto, through every step of the move.

I have the experience, the resources and the crucial neighbourhood information that will enable you to make a seamless transition from your current location to your new life in Toronto. You have enough to think about with the transition in your professional life, so do yourself a favour and leave the details of getting you and your family here safely to me.

Feel free to get in touch anytime, and we can go over the details of your move to Toronto and start the process of finding you a great place to live.