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We can't say enough great things about John Phillips and Just Sold Toronto. This was a first time purchase for us, and our knowledge of the market was minimal. To say John "held our hands" through the process would be a understatement.During the entire process, we always felt like we were his top priority.Not only did he find us the prefect house, he spent 18 months really getting to know what we really wanted and what our needs were. John genuinely cared about us and our purchase; he mentored us daily on what to look for, what to avoid and new and upcoming neighbourhoods in Toronto. On offer night, despite competing with 18 other offers, John managed to win the sellers over and get us our new house. What could have been the worst and most stressful night of our lives was actually one of the best nights of our lives. Trusting John with the biggest decision we've ever made was easy to do. He knew exactly what tricks and tactics to use to successfully outbid 18 other offers. Despite numerous people telling us that we couldn't afford a home in Toronto, John never gave up and made our dreams a reality. We highly recommend using him as your agent if you are looking for a home in Toronto. You won't regret it.
-Cody and Jenn
John is the consummate real estate professional – intimate knowledge of the city, market insight, years of experience, great eye for detail, skilled negotiator able to deliver outstanding results for his clients. He was alongside us every step of the process in our transition from a West Queen West townhouse to a unique, century-old Cape Cod detached steps to the lake. He also provided unparalleled assistance and guidance to an elderly friend who was looking to downsize her property – John went above and beyond to ensure she received a great offer. Selling or buying, having someone like John Phillips on your side guarantees your expectations are going to be exceeded.    
I am a newly single mother of two who currently rents in a vibrant, up and coming neighbourhood. When my husband and I divorced several years ago my priority was to stay in the neighbourhood that my children know as home. We began our new life in a small but charming rental close to the house the children share with their father. When I began to long for a more permanent solution to our housing needs John was there to help. For more than two years he helped me explore my options for staying within the neighbourhood I love, not an easy task since I'm mostly priced out of this rapidly gentrifying pocket of Toronto. We looked at turnkey solutions, to homes that needed major renovations, to downright dumps. John was never afraid to share his opinion (and experience) with me and successfully talked me out of making some foolhardy decisions. Eventually, I settled on a new-build condominium that will serve as an income generator and our guaranteed spot in the "hood" in case we ever have to leave our lovely apartment. I think it is the best solution since it gives us a variety of options depending on what the future brings. John was empathetic and patient through our entire search. He was wonderful. I've recommended him to others and wholeheartedly believe he is an agent that can offer superior service!
-Single Mom in Bloordale

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"John Phillips sold our tenanted home and I accepted the over asking offer to purchase all while I was out of the city. I know his hard work preparing the house for sale and working all aspects of getting my house ready resulted in me getting top dollar.He is honest, dependable, and incredibly hard-working."
-Ryan F
When we called John to put our condo up for sale, we had neighbours selling theirs at much lower prices than we wanted. We are so happy that he set us up to break the pricing ceiling and sell in just 7 days, at full ask, but more importantly, with zero headaches. John is great to work with and he made the whole experience totally painless.
-Mat and Sunita 628 Fleet St
I thought it would be tough selling my Toronto condo while living in Vancouver. John took care of every detail from organizing cleaning, staging, the photos, showing the condo, all while working with my tenants. He also arranged to having my unit looking great for the new buyers as I would wanted for me.  I would recommend John to any perspective buyer or seller as he has twice made my experience stress free and super enjoyable.
-Erin Park Lofts

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Working with John Phillips convinced me to purchase my condo at the VIP Preview Sale. Had I waited, the same unit would have cost me thousands more. His years of experience and astute investment advice was welcomed and I've since recommended him to friends in the market for properties. I would work only with John for future purchases.
-Luigi C.
Despite living and working in another city, I purchased two condos during the VIP Preview Sale sight unseen with realtor John Phillips based on my family in Toronto's referral. I was so pleased with his professionalism I have since recommended him to many of my friends.
-Giovanna C.
John Phillips made arrangements for us to visit and inspect the builders' previous developments. Seeing first-hand the quality of the builders' work allowed us to confidently purchase an investment property. We were very impressed with John's work.
-Trish V.

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As a pre-construction real estate representative, I can honestly say, it is always a pleasure dealing with John Phillips when he brings his clients into the presentation centre. His clients are always well informed on all aspects of the industry. His current real estate market knowledge, professionalism and positive attitude are greatly appreciated. Whether his clients are intending to purchase for an investment opportunity or to purchase a place to move into themselves, John's expertise makes the whole buying process a smooth experience. Any clients would be extremely happy to have John representing them every step of the way. I feel most importantly, his attention and consistent communication with his clients after the sale is a truly valuable asset.
-Shannon Glas

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